Cherish Living Group Inc.


Cherish Realty Services

Our Company - Our Commitment

Providing outstanding service to all our clients is what we do, no matter which services you need us to provide. No matter how large or small the task, how long or short the contract, or how challenging or simple the problem, our commitment is to make it right for you.

Our Services - Your Benefits

Our primary role as a company and dedicated group of professionals is to enhance your lifestyle, improve your living conditions, resolve your problems and improve the community in which we all reside. Nothing less will do. Our philosophy is to demonstrate by doing, to lead by example, to train our staff to innovate and execute and to listen, listen, listen to both your needs and wants... and provide both at an affordable cost.

Our services are divided into a number of divisions, each of which is led by one of our senior executive staff:

  • Community Living Development and Management
  • Property Management
  • Project Management
  • Property Maintenance
  • Financial and Accounting Services

Community Living - The Cherish Way

Complete asset management in the supportive housing industry. If you are looking for a balanced team of professionals that deliver results call Cherish

Property Management - Improving Your Assets

We provide professional, licenced property management services for strata corporations, rental properties and commercial enterprises, through Cherish Reality Services. Our commitment is to manage in a manner that increases the value of your property, enhances revenue and keeps operational costs to a minimum. We do this through regular on-site visits, effective communication, timely reporting, management of capital replacement reserves and oversight and control of all outside contractors. In addition to enhancing the value of your brick and mortar assets, we manage complex special purpose buildings which can require on-site staffing. For example: multi-tenanted commercial buildings with a mix of government and not-for-profit organizations. 

Project Management - On Time, On Budget

Our senior staff have a wealth of experience in managing projects, whether they be a turn-key construction of a $50 million apartment building, a $10 million rain screen amelioration or a $50,000 change-out of a building system. We can also help you with tendering processes for every situation as large as a new construction to as small as a landscaping contract.

Property Maintenance - Getting It Done Right

One of the major problems facing strata and rental management companies (as well as individual home owners) is their inability to find, hire and retain qualified contractors for the small jobs that major contractors don't even want to talk to you about. Web site contractors promise the world but are often not qualified, don't have the required licences, liability insurance, WCB, etc... leaving you to resolve the problems they create with you or your clients.

We get it done right, first time, every time, with qualified, and licenced staff, backed up by management with over 30 years of maintenance experience. We provide the best qualified staff and supervision, depending upon your needs, respond and schedule the work within 48 hours, provide 24-hour emergency services and report accurately in a timely manner. 

Financial Services - Accurate Reporting

We can provide accounting and financial services tailored to your every need - daily, monthly, quarterly or annually as you may require. Our team of financial consultants and accountants both within the Cherish family and through our affiliated organization (Fleming & Company CPA) are available to assist you with any financial issues you may have.